Thursday, July 8, 2010


Coccidia (eimeria sp.) is a common parasite among weanling goats.  It can affect goats kept in confinement, as well as those that are raised on pasture.  Coccidia are species-specific, meaning the coccidia that affect goats are different from the coccidia that affect other animals, including sheep.

Coccidia oocytes (eggs) were present in 71 percent of the individual fecal samples collected on June 4-5.  Sixty-one percent of the samples collected on June 17th contained coccidia oocytes.  It is normal for goat feces to contain some coccidia eggs.

The goats were treated for coccidia during the first five days of the test.  Amprolium (Corid) was mixed in the water.  The goats always have access to free choice loose minerals (16:8 MeatMaker®) containing a coccidiostat:  monensin (Rumensin®).  Several mineral feeders are situated in the central laneway. 

This year, minerals are being provided by Sweetlix® Livestock Supplements.  Visit their web site to learn more about their products for goats.

Download July 2 fecal report