Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First 13 days

7 a.m. -- The goats were worked today (a day early due to the July 4th holiday) by Jeff Semler, Mary Beth Bennett, Susan Schoenian, Jeanne Dietz-Band, and Pam Thomas. The goats were weighed by Jeff Semler.

FAMACHA©, body condition, and coat condition scores were determined by Susan Schoenian. Data was recorded by Pam Thomas. Individual and pooled fecal samples were collected and sent via overnite mail to Delaware State University and the University of Georgia.

Top-gaining Kiko buck, from IllinoisFor the previous 13 days, weight gain/loss ranged from -9 to +6 lbs. (-4.1 to 2.7 kg) and averaged 0.9 lbs. (0.41 kg) or 0.07 lbs. (32 g) per day for the 60 goats on test.

The top-gaining goat for the period was a Kiko buck consigned by Craig Adams from Illinois. It gained 0.46 lbs. (209 g) per day. Merritt Burke (DE) and Wes Pinneo (KS) had Kiko goats that gained 0.38 lbs. (173 g) per day for the 13-day period.

Boer bucks from Ohio, always togetherThe double-deworming on June 6 continued to keep parasites in check. Only one goat required anthelmintic treatment. All other goats had FAMACHA© scores between 1 and 3. The average FAMACHA© score was 1.7.

Currently, goats with FAMACHA© scores of 3 are not being dewormed. This may change, if and when parasites become a bigger issue. Body condition and coat condition scores remained relatively unchanged at 2.7.

Goats grazing chicoryResults of the first fecal coproculture revealed a parasite infection composed of 84 percent Haemonchus contortus (barber pole worm) and 16 percent Trichostrongylus. The egg count of the June 6th pooled sample was 533 eggs per gram. The egg count of the pooled sample from June 18 was only 33 epg. There were not enough eggs for culture ID.

Since last Thursday, the goats had been grazing chicory, a perennial herb with purported "anthelminic-like" activity. Today, they were given access to a two-acre paddock containing dwarf pearl millet, brassicas, and forbs. The goats will be worked next on Thursday, July 16.

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