Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Final fecal data

For the September 12th collection day, individual fecal egg counts ranged from 0 to 11,800 eggs per gram of feces (epg), but averaged 929 epg for the 57 goats in the test. This compares to an average fecal egg count of 4,020 on August 29.

Twenty-seven goats were dewormed on August 29 with levamisole drench (1.5x the sheep dose). Though a few goats experienced increases in egg counts, the treatments were largely effective. The average FAMACHA© score improved by a half score from 8/29 to 9/12.

Fecal egg counts and number of anthelmintic treatmentsWe are still waiting for the results of the larval development assay for the pooled fecal sample collected on September 12. The last four samples have had 98 to 100% barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) eggs.

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