Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fecal egg counts d-56

Fecal samples were collected from the rectum of each goat on August 3. We were unable to obtain samples from six goats, primarily because their feces were too runny. The samples were labeled, stored on ice, and mailed (overnight) to Delaware State University where Dr. Dahlia Jackson (Small Ruminant Specialist) determined eggs per gram using the Modified McMaster technique.

Egg counts from the August 3 collection ranged from 0 to 9,400 eggs per gram and averaged 1,699 epg. The range and average were slightly higher than from the July 6 collection in which egg counts ranged from 0 to 7,857 epg and averaged 1,591 epg. Egg counts averaged 634 epg on the day the goats were brought to the test site.

d-56 Fecal egg countsDespite high fecal egg counts among some goats, FAMACHA© scores remain good (average of 2.04 on August 3) and few of the goats have required deworming. As we work the goats this Friday, it will be interesting to see if the high egg counts will impact FAMACHA© scores and the need for deworming.

According to research, 20 percent of the herd is responsible for 80 percent of the fecal egg output on pasture. Selecting bucks with low egg counts will go a long way towards reducing gastro-intestinal parasitism in small ruminants.

Download 56-day fecal egg report