Tuesday, May 22, 2007

North Carolina Meat Goat Test

The North Carolina Meat Goat Performance Test was started last year with 23 bucks. It is an 84-day forage-based test with free choice supplemental feed offered in the pasture.

2006 NC Meat Goat Test (NCSU photo)This year's test is being opened to out-of-state consigners. Those interested should contact 4-H Youth Livestock Specialist Dr. Brian Faris at (919) 515-7722 or brian_faris@ncsu.edu.

Bucks, does, and terminal market goats, of any breed, born between January 1 and March 31, 2007, are eligible. They need to be delivered to the test site on Friday, May 25 or Saturday, May 26. Contact Dr. Faris by Thursday, May 24 (by noon) if you are interested in bringing goats.

If you are interested, but are not able to participate in this year's test due to the short notice, contact Dr. Faris to let him know of your potential interest in next year's test.

North Carolina Meat Goat Performance Test